Fishing in Ballston Lake

The Fishing Pier is Open!

May 2023 The fishing pier on the north end of the lake off Outlet Road has been rebuilt by the town of Ballston.  It is better than ever and is wheelchair accessible.  The kayak launch makes it easy to get in and out.  The boat launch at Finnigan's on the Lake, on Lake Road, is open too.  Click for more detail.

Free Fishing Days

Free fishing days offer residents and non-residents who are 16 and older* to fish without a freshwater fishing license or recreational marine fishing registration (*Kids under 16 can always fish for free!).

2023 Free Fishing Days Schedule

·       February 18-19 (President's Day Weekend)

·       June 24-25

·       September 23 (National Hunting and Fishing Day)

·       November 11 (Veterans Day)

These days offer the perfect opportunity to try out fishing for the first time, to get back into the sport, or to take a friend or the whole family along to fish! Even though a license is not needed, all other fishing regulations apply.

Don't have fishing equipment? Borrow fishing gear for the day from one of the many providers statewide!

Fishing During the Dog Days of Summer, NY DEC 8/5/22

The dog days of summer are officially upon us- where it can be easier to catch rays than it can be to catch fish. Check out the tips below that might help ensure your next trip out on the water is a successful one!

  1. Fish early or late in the day. Fish are usually more active under these low light conditions plus there is also, typically, less recreational activity. Recreational activity tends to increase after 11:00 AM.
  2. Slow down. Though reaction lures still work, with the warm water temperatures and an abundance of forage sometimes showing the fish an “easy meal” can elicit more strikes. This is especially true if fishing during the midday period. Lure choices would be things like a wacky rig, drop-shot or Texas rigged worm. This is also a good time to try live bait.
  3. Watch the weather. A span of days with consistent weather is common for this period. Going on an “off” day that’s rainy, overcast, or cooler can be good. There also tends to be less boat traffic on these days.
  4. Deep water. Though there are still plenty of fish in shallow waters, fishing outside the weed edges can be good during this period. Deep water is relative to the water you’re fishing with 10, 15, 20, or 30+ feet being considered deep. If the weed edge is at 10 feet, fishing 15 feet would be a good starting point. This is a cover water activity looking for active fish so try a drop shot rig or crankbait.

2021 Fishing Regulations

View or Print the 2021 Fishing Regulations Guide

2021 NY Fishing Regulations Guide Cover

The 2021 Fishing Regulations Guide contains the fishing regulations that take effect on April 1, 2021. The guide has been revised for simpler use. The size of the guide has been reduced so it can easily fit in a tackle box. Additionally, special regulations are now listed alphabetically by individual waters by Region for easier look-up.

Statewide Angling Regulations

The following statewide regulations apply to all waters for which special regulations have not been established. Follow steps on the Freshwater Fishing Regulations page to determine if the water body you plan to fish has exceptions to the following statewide regulations.  There are no special exceptions for Ballston Lake.

Statewide Fishing Regulations by Fish Species for Ballston Lake Fish
Species Open Season Minimum Length Daily Limit
Black Bass
Third Saturday in June through Nov 30 12" 5
Dec 1 through Friday preceding the third Saturday in June Catch and release only Artificial lures only
Northern Pike First Saturday in May through March 15 18" 5
Crappie All year 9" 25
Yellow Perch All year Any size 50
Sunfish (Bluegill, Pumpkinseed and Redbreast Sunfish) All year Any size 50
Lake Whitefish All year Any size 5


Other information on Fishing Regulations is found on this link from the DEC.

Fish Species in Ballston Lake

Large Mouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Pumpkinseed & Bluegill Sunfish

Northern Pike

Black Crappie

Yellow Perch


Ballston Lake Fishing Map